The Bright Group, Inc. provides manufacturers’ representation in California for manufacturers of roof and waterproofing products. We consult to architects, engineers, roof consultants, contractors and building owners. The manufacturers we represent provide high performance roof systems that are generally utilized on commercial buildings. As the manufacturers’ local representative, we become part of your roofing team.

As representatives we can suggest appropriate roof systems, answer questions about systems, budgets, and materials, help develop specifications and detail drawings, suggest qualified contractors, attend pre-bid meetings, and assist with project oversight.

And because we represent several manufacturers, we objectively consider appropriate options to help you address project challenges. The best roofing system is the one that is appropriate for the building conditions.

Roof Evaluation

For existing roof assemblies we are able to assist in evaluating the existing conditions to determine the appropriate course of action. Through the use of moisture detection equipment, we are able to provide moisture surveys with result verification coordinated with core sampling to obtain the most accurate information for analysis. The results of the analysis will determine whether there is need for partial or complete roof removal, reparability of the assembly and projected life expectancy, or if an overlay with a new membrane would be the appropriate solution.

Moisture Surveys

The mission of a roof moisture survey is usually to identify the size and location of any subsurface moisture. Alternate goals may be to find leaks, set maintenance priorities for multiple buildings, check roof system condition before a warranty expires, or to help decide whether to repair or re-roof a building.

There are three major roof moisture survey techniques:

The results of any roof moisture survey should be verified by cross checking with other techniques or core cuts. Core cuts and Delmhorst meter reading can be used to verify the presence of moisture found by any survey type. Small capacitance meters are sometimes used to cross check suspected wet areas found by the infrared or nuclear roof moisture surveys. Fees for roof moisture surveys generally range from $.02 per square foot to $.05 per square foot. Fees are affected by a number of factors. Most service companies have a minimum fee regardless of the size of the project. Contact The Bright Group, Inc. for advice or more information.

Warranty Services

Many buildings have roofs that are older with expired warranties, or have been neglected thereby voiding the warranty due to lack of required maintenance. It is not unusual for records to get lost or misplaced due to changes in ownership or personnel. Through our partnership with Fortis Warranty, in most of these situations we are able to offer a program that will bring the roof back to a warrantable condition and provide a new extended warranty for those existing unwarranted roofs. Contact The Bright Group, Inc. for a free evaluation.

Solar Development

Through synergy formed within our network of affiliates, The Bright Group, Inc. is able to develop roofing integrated solar opportunities by coordinating and working with companies that specialize in specific components of the solar development process. This network includes roofing material and solar component manufacturers, roofing and electrical contractors, structural and electrical engineers, as well as legal and financial analysts to package and fund projects.